Do Think You’re Ugly? There’s an app for that

I’ve dedicated quite a few posts on ugliness.  This news takes the cake. Can you believe the app developer is making a killing out of this?

….I’ll let the digitaljournal.com let you know what this app is about:

Application developer Jo Overline created an app for cellphone users called “the ugly meter” that will tell you if you are ugly or not. But how does it work?

“So we take a photograph,” explains iPhone user and app designer Jo Overline, “…and it goes through and verifies all the points on the face. It says ‘here’s the mouth line’.”

Overline scored an ugliness rate of 32 out of 100. “How you do your hair and if you have a beard or not, those things don’t matter. This is facial structure, so unfortunately a 32 like me, there’s nothing you can do about it, you are what you are,” says Overline.

The app uses a virtual structure to measure your eyes, nose, mouth and the size and shape of your face. It then comes up with a rating based on the measurements.

The app, available for 99 cents on the iPhone app store has already sold to thousands of users. “Last month we were number one in China for about three weeks. We were the number one app overall. It doesn’t matter. Everybody is interested in vanity and they like to know where they rank,” Overline adds.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/324150#ixzz1tptBb7zO

All the app does is measure facial proportions. As countless studies confirmed, the symmetry of your face determines your attractiveness.

I’m not going to bash the developer for profiting on our insecurities.

Do you really need an app to tell you how attractive you are? 

2 thoughts on “Do Think You’re Ugly? There’s an app for that”

  1. I too could write reams on profiting off insecurities, but feel it’s pointless. I do see this as being useful as ammo against those guys/girls who think they are God’s gift. Wouldn’t it be great to wave your android in their face and say – ‘phone says you’re ugly’. Okay – it is mean but would be useful against bullies?

  2. I also thought of it as an ammo against those people who think they are drop dead gorgeous. I wonder how they measure “hotness”. I was under the impression that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    I’m more worried about those who use it to validate their self-worth.

    FYI: The app developer admitted that he was a 32 out of a 100.

    Oops….I promised myself I wouldn’t touch this issue….

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