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10 Best Practices Pinterest via Zog Digital

Here are Zog Digital’s 10 best practices for using Pinterest.

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They forgot to add one thing:

– Post consistency

Not too long ago, I was following Steve Madden on Pinterest. I love Steve Madden shoes. I think they’re stylish, modern and quite comfortable.

Steve Madden engage in all of those best practices cited above. I mean all of them. After spending two dreadful weeks looking at their pins, I unfollowed them.

Nobody likes a pin-freak. If your company is hopping on the Pinterest-wagon, please do us a favor and limit the number of pins you pin per day. I was flooded with so many pins that I lost track of my friend’s pin. I unfollowed them within two weeks. I just couldn’t handle it…and some of their pins weren’t that great.

That doesn’t mean that I won’t be buying from them…I just won’t be pinning them.

Do you find that brands go pin-overboard?