Free Starbucks’ Coffee On Your Birthday

I found this little gem on Twitter.

Did you know that you could get a free coffee on your birthday AT….wait for it….wait for it….STARBUCKS! 

An awesome blogger writes:

Yes that is correct! A free drink from Starbucks! All you need is a Starbucks gift card. Use an old one, a gift or purchase one to get you started. No credit card needed to sign up, just the gift card!
Something to Drink or Eat On Your Birthday
Get a little extra birthday love with a free drink or food reward on your big day.
How Do I get it? (from

“To qualify you must register a Starbucks Card 30 days before your birthday.  We’ll send you an email a few days before your birthday reminding you of your reward. Just go to a participating Starbucks, tell the barista you have a free reward, then swipe your Card or scan your mobile app.  It’s that easy!  Just be sure to redeem your reward before it expires!”

I hope this is true!

Has anyone ever tried this?