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Trending: Floss Bikinis

I just have one thing to say…..


A thong bikini? No problem! But this?!?!?

You can’t pull this off without looking trashy. Is this what we call clothing now?

Leave something to the imagination.


Review: Physician’s Formula Mascara

Awwww….don’t commercials make everything look nice!

I was watching small clips of the Justin Bieber roast when this ad showed up. For the first time in years, I sat through a whole youtube ad. It’s the one with the chick whose date is like an hour early and she’s gotta swish some mascara on. Luckily, she has the Lash Booster by Physicians Formula.

The nerves! Who comes early…for anything!? Let it not be a metaphor for something else.

Anyways….she applies one coat of mascara and another coat of fiber which are supposed to extend her lashes. Damn, don’t they look good! Yes, they do…yes they do!

She says: “finally something I don’t need to fake.” Again, phrasing and metaphor?! #imjustsaying

The other day I was shopping in my extremely expensive drug store when I saw the mascara on sale. “Why not”, I thought!

As you know, l’Oreal Paris discontinued one of my favourite mascaras and I’m on the hunt for new ones. I tried three different mascaras because of a youtubber’s reviews and I immediately regret it (stay tuned for that post).

I went ahead and purchased the mascara. I’m on vacation for now so I have all the time in the world to try this thing.

The instructions on how to use this special mascara are on the pack and its fairly simple. Start with the mascara and then apply the booster that will instantly make your lashes full. Ok, no biggie! Where can I go wrong?

Physician Formula Physician Formula

I do just that! Apply mascara; don’t let it dry; and then add the fiber! Good!  The mascara slips on nicely. No problem!…then came the fiber….

Physician Formula Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

I looked like I got punched in the face or that I walked into a doorknob. What the f*%! The fiber went every where. It was on my clothes, hair, and face. I couldn’t get rid of it.

Since I’m cheap, I was trying to keep as much of the fiber in the bottle  but it was going everywhere and I wasn’t even pumping the darn thing  The minute you put it back in the bottle, you got the fiber just floating everywhere! It was all over my face too.

Yes, my lash do look longer and it looks fluffier but the original maybelline mascara would have given me the exact same results.

I tried removing the damn fiber from my face with some water (something I just wouldn’t do with a full face of makeup) and IT WOULD NOT COME OFF! ARGH! There’s no way that girl in the commercial slapped on some mascara without looking like she got out of a boxing ring. NO WAY!

Physician Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

Physician Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

Maybe I’m doing this wrong I thought. So I cleaned my face and attempted to put the mascara on the next day.

Here’s my face sans mascara!

My lashes sans physician formula

I did exactly what I did on my first try: put some mascara, the fiber and then the mascara again.

Physician formula Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit


What the hell?! My face is all black and now my eyes are itchy. What gives?

I was able to remove the fiber with some paper toilet which is something I totally wouldn’t do 30 minutes before a date!

ARGH! This mascara is frustrating. I could achieve the same volume and length if I used baby powder or different mascaras.

As I’m writing this, I am fighting the urge to frenetically rub my eyelids. This crap itches.

Have you tried the mascara and have you had much success?

Black Lipstick is in and I Love It

While everyone is talking about gray-granny hair (which is sooooooo passé…wasn’t it in like two years ago???), there’s another trend that has emerged ever so quietly.

It’s black lipstick. Bold, dark, and viciously eye-catching, I’d be hardpressed not to try it.

It’s not ideal for a conference meeting (but that’s what we said about black nail polish remember?) and certainly not suitable for a wedding but it can definitely work wonders at an after-hour party or just a late night downtown.




Taken from Pinterest
Taken from Pinterest

Nope, it’s not just for the goths anymore. Embrace this bold trend…when summer is over and done. Don’t be rockin’ that look this spring…that would be just too dark.

Do you love it or hate it?



Trend Alert: Brow Extensions

Brows are the new “thang”. I let mine grow out for 8 months before I got a tweezer near them. Once I got the thickness I wanted, I decided to get them threaded every two months. I always make sure the esthetician has thick nicely arched brows. Threading is amazing! I recommend it. Eyebrows are important, they literally shape your eyes. I don’t know why we made them pencil thin in the 90s. Was it because they were completely reckless in the 80s?

Now, if you can’t grow your brows back, follow this new brow extension trend! Enjoy!


[tiImage width=”594″ height=”634″ url=”” credit=”Courtesy” align=”center” border=”1″ alt=”” burst=”” burstpos=”top-right”]

Below is an excerpt from “Trend Alert: Brow Extensions,” which originally appeared on PureWow. Read the full story at

If the tweeze-happy ’90s left you with sparse eyebrows—and hey, you’re not the only one—the option to have them temporarily fixed is coming soon to a salon or spa near you.

Occhi Lash & Brow Studio in Oak Brook Terrace, Illinois—a ritzy suburb outside Chicago—is currently training aestheticians from around the country on Brow Perfect, an eyebrow extension technique that got its start in the UK.

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Under a super bright light, an aesthetician uses high-quality surgical glue to apply individual synthetic hairs to your brows wherever they need a little help. (At Occhi, Brow Perfect costs between $45 and $150, depending on how many hairs you need filled in.)

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Clairol Nice’n Easy 4RB on a Weave : Don’t Do it

I could not find one decent blog with a review of the best dye for virgin Brazilian hair. Brazilian hair is a type of hair extension. Yes, I wear them; no, I am not ashamed.

I tried to dye my bundle a lighter hue to match my hair colour. FYI: I know I am a trend hunter, but this isn’t a new trend. Women have been dyeing their extensions for years. What is new is the number of online stores selling the good. You can find good virgin Brazilian hair at a very good price on aliexpress. I order my hair from Rosa Hair Products. I have no complaints so far.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m getting the real Brazilian or Malaysian hair; but, whatever I’m getting doesn’t shed. I’ve reused my bundles at least twice. I am not complaining.

You can only buy bundles in one colour because it wouldn’t be virgin hair if it was coloured. So, I took it upon myself to dye the hair.

I went to a random drugstore and bought some clairol.

Clairol Nice'n Easy 4RB/119C
Here it is!

What a nice colour you say. Who doesn’t like salon tones you might add.

As I said, I couldn’t find any reviews and the box did say that it could give any type of hair a reddish-brown tint. I believed it…stupid me.

Let me give you a before an after.

Here’s the before

Photo 2014-09-01, 2 55 05 PM

Here’s the after

Photo 2014-09-01, 2 55 25 PM

Can you tell the difference? NO YOU CAN’T! This dye did absolutely NOTHING. Let me show you a side-by-side comparison!

Photo 2014-09-01, 2 56 12 PM
No difference AT ALL


If you look closely, you will notice that the hair is in fact DARKER than it should have been.

Next time I want to lighten my weave, I will go to Sally’s.

Note: I am not a hairdresser…obvi!